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hope till the end --always keep the faith--
that's right, I'm a cassie<3 and since forever, that is
i'm Indonesian and i'm learning chinese, korean, and japanese at the moment...(just got back from china recently)
yaoi lover i am
i wasn't here to make friends although i'll be really grateful if there's anybody that want to befriend me<3 just saying that it wasnt my purpose for creating this journal
i wanted to dig a hole where i can be me n throw all the trashes out
that's it, trashes, so maybe rants about something that makes me really upset and then locked them only for myself to see
so not really going to spazz around and posting anything to share
mostly active in fanfic comm though~
peace V
foreign languages, kpop, tvxq(docountall5inthankyou), yaoi dbsk fanfic